Mana Storms


Mana storms are violent and unpredictable disturbances that seemingly roam at random and leave swathes of magical destruction or chaos in their wake. Mana storms whip up the mana on both the physical and astral planes simultaneously, often creating spontaneous elemental and illusory effects. With the exceptions of the Maya Cloud around Tibet and the mana storms around Sydney, Australia, mana storms are typically sudden and short-lived events, lasting mere hours before fading away.

Mana storms originate inside a domain or mana warp, and as they travel they carry those effects with them. A mana storm that spins off of a Rating 4 domain becomes a moving Rating 4 domain with the same aspect as its source. On the astral plane, a mana storm appears as swirling cloud system of glowing mana, crackling with energy, often tinged with the emotional signature of the domain or mana warp that birthed it. In the physical world, a mana storm appears similar to violent weather patterns like thunderstorms, hurricanes, or tornadoes, though it also carries with it strange magical effects.

Within a mana storm’s physical manifestation, spontaneous elemental and illusory formations are common. The storm literally spins off magical spells, almost always elemental (such as Lightning Bolt or Acid Stream) or illusory (like Trid Phantasm or Chaotic World).

In addition to the obvious danger of spontaneous magical effects, mana storms carry with them real weather effects in the physical world, often spawned and fed by the elemental magic churning inside them. Rain, hail, blizzards, wind storms, and sand storms are common additional effects of passing mana storms.

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Mana Storms

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