The netherworlds are alternate physical realities connected to astral space in the same way as the world is connected to astral space. They coexist with the physical world and serve as the source of spirits, True Elements and the Horrors. At present, Metahumans have explored only a handful of these countless worlds.

Each Netherworld is unique, with its own natural laws. Some Netherworlds support complete realities, much like the physical world known to metahumans, while others are little more than single chains of limited events that continually repeat themselves. Most Netherworlds combine these two models, giving the appearance of complete worlds but existing only as chains of events and important locations. Scholars do not know whether these fragmented realities are the natural states of the Netherworlds, the result of Horror intervention, or simply a false impression created by Metahumans’ limited astral travel abilities.

The landscape of a Netherworld can be chaotic or stable. At least one Netherworld, known as Sylvar, seems completely stable through it comprises little more than wide expanses of barren, Horror-ravaged ground. other charted Netherworlds possess geographic features that rival or exceed the conflagration that is the Death’s Sea, the most tranquil of forests, or landscapes roiling with tainted magical energy.

The age-old quest for knowledge and power draws many Metahumans to the Netherworlds, for a journey to these places may yield invaluable experience and insight into astral space and magic. Fortune draws others, who seek more direct access to True elements or hope to find unusual artifacts. And a few brave souls roam the Netherworlds in search of Horrors to destroy.

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