Radiation is a dangerous threat in certain areas of the world. In the early 22nd Century, in order to combat the growing amount of Horrors entering the world, a number of nations attempted to destroy the Horrors with nuclear weapons. These governments, such as UCAS, California Free States and a few Native American Nations, were willing to risk the death of their citizens in order to destroy the enemy. Of course we now know that while the nuclear weapons did destroy thousands of Horrors, it was not enough to stem the tide and Metahumanity was forced into the ARKs for protection.

Over much of the American continent there are thousands of fallout zones. While most of these Fallout zones have been rendered harmless after 600 years, a few are still very radioactive. It is believed that the Horrors, or unknown magical effects have kept certain areas radioactive. In the Seattle area, there are two areas of radioactive fallout.

Metahumans who enter these radioactive zones take damage as the radiation attacks their bodies. Not many Metahumans can survive more than a few hours in one of these zones. If the Metahuman does manage to survive the initial exposure, there is a chance that they or their future children may develop mutations. These mutations can be harmless, purely cosmetic, or they can be deadly, not only to the Metahuman but to those around them. See Mutations for more Information.

The Fallout zones have a large amount of Toxic Spirits. Many 8th world scholars believe that it is the Toxic SpirIts that are keeping the zones radioactive. Toxic Spirits are bad stuff. In the most cases they are Nature Spirits or Spirits of the Elements which were corrupted by the pollution of earth, air or water. The toxic variant of spirits of fire are the rarest of all Toxic Spirits and may be found on sites of hazardous radiation such as the SOX, the Kent and the Scottish Irradiated Zone, the Libyan desert, Tschernobyl in Russia or Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the Japanese Imperial State.

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