Raw Magic


The most infrequently used method of spellcasting is known as casting raw magic. Any time a character casts a spell not in a grimoire or spell matrix, he or she is using raw magic. Using this method, the magician taps directly into astral space to draw forth the magical energy for the spell, channeling it through his body. This almost always damages the magician, and can also have the harmful side effects. A magician can use raw magic to cast any spell he knows.

Casting Raw Magic was the normal spellcasting method up until 2094. Up to that point, Astral Space was relatively safe and open. Once the Horrors began entering our world, Astral Space became corrupt and Magicians or Shamans who did not use a Spell Matrix found the corrupted astral energy damaging their bodies and True Patterns.

When casting raw magic, the character is like a bright beacon to any entity in Astral Space, especially horrors. Almost every magician and shaman uses spell matrixes to hide their astral signature when casting spells. See Additional Rules for more on the dangers of casting Raw Magic.

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Raw Magic

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