True Patterns


Everything in the world has a pattern that defines its form, structure, and use.The patterns of important people, places, and things (those with a Name) are known as True Patterns. A True Pattern can be viewed as a blueprint for what it represents. True Patterns not only define physical nature (like a builder’s plan for a house), but metaphysical nature as well: how a person, place, or thing is formed by and interacts with the magical world. A person’s True Pattern defines that person’s abilities, talents, skills, knowledge, psychology,and history.

All that the person is makes up his True Pattern. The same holds true for places or things; everything that defines that place or thing from the moment of its creation up to the present moment is woven into its True Pattern. Only Named things have a True Pattern. Un-Named things have a pattern (everything in existence does), but these patterns are less complex and less powerful than a True Pattern. Naming gives a pattern its power.

A True Pattern identifies an entity, place, or object as an individual, something separate from others of its type. True Patterns consist of three intertwined parts:

  • The name associated with the pattern, usually what we would refer to as a proper noun.
  • A history of that pattern; interactions with magic, significant events, important behaviors.
  • Rules or ways in which the pattern uses, is affected by, or interacts with magic.

A True Pattern designates a specific person, place, or thing, along with its history and ways of interacting with magic. A person, place, or thing can have only one True Pattern. Magicians and Shamans often tell their apprentices that a True Pattern is the sum of an individual’s important interactions with magic, behaviors that affect an individual’s use of magic, and a record of events that led to his or her use of magic. The True Pattern defines everything magically important about the individual, what the individual has done/can do that is important to magic, what magic has done/ can do that is important to the individual.

Because True Patterns represent things that interact with magic, they change over time. The True Pattern of a person, place, or thing is dynamic, changing as it continues to interact with the magical energies of the world. Because a True Pattern contains the information that defines the person, place,or thing, a skillful magician or shaman can use the knowledge gained from that True Pattern to his or her advantage. Knowledge of a True Pattern brings insights into the person, place, or thing to whom the True Pattern belongs. And knowledge, some say,is a form of power. But before a person can use a True Pattern to affect another person, place, or thing, he must first learn its Pattern Knowledge.

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True Patterns

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